Plant Girl Picture

The seventh for my "30 Day Monster Girl Challenge;" a plant girl.

For this one I decided to draw one of the guardians from The Compass Rose Preserves, The Dryad. She is the guardian of one of the most secretive preserves, the people do not give its name to people who do not live there. The people of the other preserves just call it the "Cherokee Rose Preserve," since it was founded by a tribe of Native American while Traveling on the Trail of Tears. While the tribe was traveling, a little girl saw one of Flower-Folk. When it noticed her it dashed into the woods, she chased after it. "Where are you going?" called her mother "I'm following the little person," she replied. At that, the whole tribe thought she might have been talking about the little people in many Native American Legends and went after her, for fear that they were trying to spirit her away. Eventually they caught up to her, she had stopped at a tree. Suddenly a woman emerged from the tree, her skin resembled the bark of the tree and she had an array of flower petals and leaves where her hair should have been. "Have you lost your homes too?" She asked. "Yes," they replied "We either had to give up our home or give up our freedom." "Then you are welcomed to stay here with me and the others who have lost their homes." She brought them to a forest that was unusually healthy and full of life with many strange creatures they had never seen before. She explained that these were all creatures that had been forced to leave their natural habitats once more and more humans started settling in the Americas.

Using their trickery and their abilities to camouflage, the creatures would sneak into potential settlers' camps and wreck havoc. The more superstitious thought that the place was cursed and would quickly move on. Those not so easily swayed were often dealt with by the Dryad herself. She would create storms when they needed sun, droughts when they needed rain, caused massive boulders to crush camps and did everything in her power to make the place as inhospitable as possible. For many years this kept intruders out, and finally the tribe were finally able to repay her kindness when they managed to make the place an official Compass Rose Preserve. Now only the children see her, she shares this trait with the Greenman, the guardian of a European Preserve. Like the Greenman, she is usually seen when the child is by themselves and only once in the child's life. The only time they both have been seen by adults was during the founding of their respective preserves. I'll talk more about the Greenman real soon!
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