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Full Name: Lote Narwa
Nickname(s): Angel of Hell, The Bloody Scholar
Gender: Male
Age: 174 - about 30 almost 31 in human years.
Birthday: March 31st, Aries
Hair: Pitch Black
Eyes: Bright lemon yellow
Height: 6'6"
Race/Species: Sylvan Elf ((In some settings a homid werewolf: Philodox of the Get of Fenris))
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Lote is heavily built and strongly especially for an elf. He has no pierces or tattoo’s and a distinct lack of scars of any kind.
Beliefs/Religion: Narwa - The goddess of chaos, fire and war just as his whole family always has.
Temperament: Diligent, Responsible, Headstrong, Selfless, Persistent, Protective, Loyal, Violent, Faithful, Intelligent, Acute, Impulsive, Temperamental, Aggressive, Chauvinistic, a mage at heart, Vengeful.
Career: Second Mate and Weapons Master of the Enoch.
Likes: Fighting, Debating, Working, Keeping himself busy, Working with his hands, Tinkering, Women, Magic, Reading, Arcane Glyphs, Linguistics (In the modern day he’d be extremely good with mechanics and building computers and electronics)
Dislikes: Laziness, back talking, Disorder, Disloyalty, Being Bored, Irresponsibility.
Natural Talents: You would not want to pick a fight with Lote Narwa. The only person between the two ships who can even hope to meet him on even ground in combat is Turytura and even she gets a run for her money. He is immensely strong and while he can use a vast array of weapons, he prefers hand to hand combat with his great falchion he calls Ristcoia. He also has a strange talent for magic, especial using forms of anti-magic that nullify the magic of others. This makes him especially deadly against mages.
Background: Lived a pretty good life as a kid. Till a landslide did a number on his home town and he got divided from his family. He got sent to a refuge camp for someone to come claim him, but no one ever did. So he grew up on the streets. That was where he met Malta and he took it upon himself to take care of him and between Malta's smarts and Lote’s skills they did okay for themselves. Enough that they got themselves the Enoch. He had a brief affair with a sorceress who taught him magic, but her not so kind intentions clashed with his high morals and he stole her magic book, abandoning her to be powerless.
Sammael: The angel Lote is the incarnation of. Sammael is known as the “The Great Destroyer,” “Demonic Angel” and “The Left Hand of God”. Made to be dark part of God’s Design, he is the leader of the avenging angels, the one responsible for inflicting the brutal wraith of god. He is the angel that is sent to take part in wars and natural disasters. He is also God’s personal body guard and a frightening figure with the claws of a demon and wings made of flames. He inadvertently triggered the Fall by being the first angel to actively interfere with humanity and inspiring others to follow suit. But, despite the pleas of his general Satan he would ultimately fight for the heavens and be the biggest hunter of the devils for millennia, long after Satan became one of the Fallen. He would continue to pick violent fights against Satan till finally they called a ceasefire and raised an island for themselves as common ground. His symbol is a flaming sword.

Partner: Turytura Raumo, the bloodthirsty weapons master of the Leviathan. They were the last to meet but the first to form an unshakeable bond. They have a strange relationship that to anyone else in the world just looks like two violent people fighting each other a lot but out of all these allies, their relationship is the most well rounded and smooth. They fight because they take pleasure in knowing someone is equal to them and are happy exchanging practical things like weapons and equipment over impractical flowers or candy. It was at first a rather Romeo and Juliet situation - neither captain of either ship willing to let such a romance exist but when push came to shove - no one wanted to pick a fight against two violent weapon masters who perceived themselves as being responsible to each other.

Siblings: Lote had two younger sisters and one younger brother but he hadn’t heard anything about them or any of the rest of his blood family since the landslide. He preserves Malta Tiris as his younger sibling because of how he played a large part in raising him, but they are not blood related. He is very loyal to Malta to an extreme degree and is fiercely protective of him.

Friends/Allies: Malta Tiris ((Captain of the Enoch)), Turytura Raumo ((The Weapons Master of the Leviathan)), Quenta Kiirar ((The Enoch’s First Mate, These two are very close)), Huine Nukumna ((The Healer and Mage of the Enoch)), Sul Arrna ((The wind bringer of the Leviathan)), Ataque Ture ((The carpenter of the Leviathan)) Antha Taulka ((The ships Quarter Master)), Dae Lanta ((Captain of the Leviathan))

Enemies: Gilie Raumo: Lote has an immense loathing for Turytura’s younger brother, finding him lazy, disrespectful, unworthy of Huine’s affection and ungrateful - especially toward Turytura who Lote feels should be given more due credit for raising all the siblings as a mother rather than sister. He writes Gilie off as a waste of good air.
Handasse Moramin: The sorceress he PO’d by stealing her main spell book. Just because she’s missing her great weapon doesn’t mean she still doesn’t have a vast array of magic she’d love to let loose on Lote.

Full Name: Turytura Raumo
Nickname(s): Dancing Death, Rips Without Remorse, She-Demon
Gender: Female
Age: 165 - appearing about 28 human years.
Birthday: March 27th, Aries
Hair: Yellow blonde with deep blue tips in her bangs.
Eyes: Aqua blue
Height: 6'0"
Race/Species: Sea Elf ((In some settings a homid werewolf: Ahroun of the Fianna))
Body Structure/Prominent Markings: Lithe and lean, but muscular enough to not be 'skinny'. There are various scars on her at any given time. Her right eyebrow is pierced and there are four stud piercings along her left ear.
Beliefs/Religion: Pays passive respect to Laishalu, god of sea elves and sailing, and Alu, goddess of water and storms.
Temperament: Impatient, Chaotic, Violent, Impulsive, Wrathful, Humble, Hot-Tempered, Moody, Aggressive, Vengeful, Sadistic, Protective, Rythmic, Hateful, Hard-Working
Career: Weapons Master for The Leviathan
Likes: Fighting, Arguing, Blood, Violence, Dancing, Chocolate, Working, Swimming, Sailing, Collecting Weapons, Wrestling, Humidity
Dislikes: Attention, Arrogance, Dry Heat, Cowards, Her Parents, People who play Mind Games, Compliments, Puzzles
Natural Talents: Turytura is an incredibly fierce combatant in a confrontation. She fights with what seems like a wild recklessness, but what is actually a precise dance integrated into battle. She prefers to use dual scimitars and likes diving straight into the fray to get the most use out of the two blades. She is dexterous rather outright strong, and very nimble on her feet. She has practiced with numerous different fighting styles and weaponry and as such, can pick up almost anything and make good use of it.
Background: Life was rough for Turytura and her brothers. When she was young, their parents deserted them, abandoning the three kids in their home. As a result of being left behind, it landed on Turytura to act as mother to her siblings. After years of withstanding rumours about the 'devil girl' who killed her parents, they took their belongings and left town, catching a ride to the port city of Earenniel. There they met Oline Salka, who ended up at the same orphanage as them. They grew up with her and when the time came, Oline recommended Turytura and her brother Gilie to Dae, who was in need of new crewmates.
Satan: Turytura is the incarnation of this archdevil. Satan is the epitome of anger and hatred, one of the first to side with the Fallen in the war against Heaven. Previously, she had been the angel Sammael's general and could not coax him to join her in the Fall. She has claimed the seventh, most powerful layer of Hell for herself, creating a home of endless pain and torture to the souls of murderers the violent. She wants nothing more than to punish everyone, especially those in Heaven, for the wrongs they have done to her and her fellows. She would continue to pick violent fights against Sammael till finally they called a ceasefire and raised an island for themselves as common ground Her symbol is blood-red fire.

Partner: Lote Narwa, the weapons master on board The Enoch. They were the last to meet but the first to form an unshakeable bond. They have a strange relationship that to anyone else in the world just looks like two violent people fighting each other a lot but out of all these allies, their relationship is the most well rounded and smooth. She secretly appreciates Lote because he has learned never to dare compliment her or treat her like a lady; she prefers to fight endlessly with him as he is her equal in combat, something refreshing and rare for her.

Siblings: Two younger brothers. The older of the two is Dina, who lives with Oline in Earenniel. The youngest of the three is Gilie, who sails with her on The Leviathan as the ship's navigator.

Friends/Allies: Dae Lanta ((Captain of the Leviathan)), Oline Salka ((a mafia queen very old friend)), Lote Narwa ((weapons master of The Enoch)), Ataque Ture ((The Leviathan's carpenter)), Fallaner en’Litse ((cook and healer on The Leviathan)), Sul Arrna ((The Leviathan's windbringer)), Minya Maa ((The Leviathan's first mate)), Huine Nukumna ((The Healer and Mage of the Enoch))

Enemies: Malta Tiris - the captain of The Enoch.
Elyoc - the devil hounding Dae.
Antha Taulka - Dae's consort. She despises Antha and everything about her, from the affection Dae grants her to her arrogance in all things.
Naikelea - Gilie's ex-girlfriend. Turytura believes she 'murdered' Gilie, as he was a very different person before Naikelea exhausted him, and wants nothing more than to kill her.

Lote belongs to me, Turytura belongs to =yami-caffeine
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