Contest: Badb. Influenced Picture

For the #MikotoUchihaFC Mythology contest

Look Naruto fanart!

Ok So for the contest, the mythology I based Mikoto around was the Celtic goddess, Badb. According on what I read about Badb, she took the form of a raven and lead people into battle and could control the outcome of said battle through her magic.

And how does this relate to Mikoto? Well, as far as I know we don't get that much information about her, because I don't read Naruto anymore. So err I am going taking some creative liberties here.

In every scene that Mikoto is in that involves Fugaku telling Itachi to spy on Konohagakure's inner workings for the coup, she seemed distant despite supporting the idea. A few years ago, before I dropped Naruto, my story had this reason because during the Second Shinobi World War-I assumed she was alive for that and was fighting it- Mikoto... well she did somethings similar to Itachi, only for different reasons and feelings towards them were also different too.

So the big fire ball behind her is just some poor enemy camp getting their ass handing them.

I also played on the fact Sasuke's lack of not caring on anything else, but destroying Konohagakure into play here too-or at least tried too. Because I think when she was on these 'must destroy the enemy camp sites and nothing else matters' moments, is similar when Sasuke went all 'I must destroy every Leaf Shinobi! NOTHING MATTERS!' bullsh-I mean reasonable goal. With my story in my mind, when she looks distant I think she remembers at she has one, and probably realizes that she might not feel comfortable with Itachi doing what she did, which I assumed the coup planned did involve Itachi slaughtering someone...But we can assume it was to late for those feelings, as we see her always in the early fashbacks with Sasuke and closer to him.

But as we all know, both her children basically grew up more like her than she wanted, if my story was canon.

Ok, so about the piece its self...Her chakra formed a raven to match Badb's ttransormation and clearly repersent her oldest son and lets pretend she has Mangekyō Sharingan, because the magic controlling the way a battle is going sounds just like it.

The clothing I picked were a mix of what you would think a ninja in Naruto would wear and what I assume some badass Celtic Goddess would wear....
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