.Aerin and Aeris. Picture

Ahahaha. FINALLY FINISHED. I think I always say that after I'm done CGing. It just takes so long ;-;

Anyways, for Bakaneko's MOC contest. We were supposed to make up our own god/goddess. Soooo~ I made up Aerin. Aeris is, as many know, already a goddess in Greek Mythology. And she is the Goddess of Chaos. DAKARA, this is Aerin. Her em...sister. Yes. Of haarmony~

Ehem. Yes. So! Done.

Aerin (c) Meeee
Aeris (c) Em...the person who owns the Greek Gods? oO;;;

Just A Fun Little Side Note: The markings were inspired by this one time at camp when my friend Jessy wrote "lalala" in a line alllll over her body. It was really funny. <3
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