Pierogi ref -2013- Picture

**I adopted this cutie from *yiptrip! permission was given for me to upload this ref to my page. He will be my secondary fursona**

Name: Pierogi
(nicknames; pie, dumplin', rowgi)
Age: 19 y/o
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Bisexual
boy/girlfriend: N/A
Species: Maine coon/rag doll
Location: Northern MN

Likes: Coffee, cuddling, reading, learning, camping, food, Norse Mythology, tea, horror, teeth, paranormal stuffs, boys, Pearl Jam, Supernatural, Marvel.

DISlikes: fighting, being yelled at, sea food, ect.

Personality: Pierogi is shy around strangers and sometimes friends, but he is a big o' ball of goofy once he lets you in.
He is prone to being sad and cries easily, but is generally a mild tempered guy.

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