Thor-Thunder God, Preview Picture

So I have been asked over and over and over again like 38 times in notes for the past month to upload my design for Capital Comics version of Thor, Thundara's [link] Father..

I finally decided to go ahead and give you guys who have been begging me for it, a preview of him.. this is the front side, with helmet and not with helmet.. a full turn around style design will be coming soon..

A coupe of design notes:

In the Capital Universe, Thor is more aligned with his classic mythological interpretation.. meaning his hair is red, his eyes are yellow with flames.. and his hands are covered in metal gloves.. for when his hammer returns to him. he also has the Girdle of Strength, which is a magical belt that gives him super human strength.. in my design I chose the Celtic and Norse Trifecta of harmony and power..

the Boots and the Fur reflect the snow animals of the North lands and his Godly status.. WHITE FUR, SNOW, CLOUDS, GODS, ETC...

Another design logic was his armor, and the colors.. to me, if you're a GOD of Thunder, or just a GOD period.. then you wouldn't be clad in just leather, or animal skins like the normal humans.. you would have ARMOR, and Gold and Silver.. a Godly and Kingly look.. so to me, Thor has elements of classic Mythology, modern comic appeal, with a semi easy redrawing ability.. NOT TOO MUCH DETAIL.. but enough for the effect of looking regal..

The Helmet, in the design of the helmet, I went simple, and went with Gold and Silver together.. I figured that the wings are a staple of Thor Effigy..and I decided the classic Norse helmet fit his needs very well, with the eye shield and slight nose cover..

the Cape, in the design I felt that as a GOD of Thunder, and norseman, that if Thor were in the Highlands in the cold and found a small child freezing or something like that, that his cape with the fur atop would make an excellent cover, or a bed if he were in a field and camping outside..on a mission or something..

Comic relation:

Now Thor isn't a prominent character in the comics that will be doing in the future, he is more of a Back ground player, and is often seen in dreams to Thundara, or images in the sky..his Hammer Mjollinar is alive and the wolf's head on the base handle of the hammer speaks to Thundara and Thor..and sometimes is like Giminey Cricket..a conscience..

The Hammer design:

Thor's Hammer is uniquely designed with the thinking of the old runes stones being the actual head of the weapon.. this is because I remember reading a story about rune stones that were indestructible.. and when I thought about the mechanics of the device, imagine for a moment, Thor slinging his hammer, the stones on the head, come together, like shocks, as they bang they release electricity, and a Thunder sound.. thus explaining the lightning effects, and sounds of thunder..

well that's it for now, till I upload the Bio and Thor's Turn around..
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