Betrayer of the Walking Moons Picture

some painting for a weird story me and my mom came up with while camping last summer, involving owls and things called "walking moons" that are evil and hide behind clouds. theyre essentially big, creepy moons with legs. the story didnt make much sense, but eh... camp stories are camp stories and my mom is insane anyway. never came up with a name for the owl P:

this piece isnt very detailed cause it was pretty quick ((~5 hours over two days)) but im kinda happy with it. theres still something bugging me about it, but i cant seem to figure out what it is.

critiques turned on since i dont think im improving enough lately, so words of wisdom from people is welcomed. just keep in mind i dont go for absolute realism. i like being stylistic with my paintings. i do realism for study sketching only, really.
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