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Managed to do it without a tablet, but with much scanning and pasting.

GAah! I love Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It's such a cute series, I read them aloud to my little sister, but I end up geeking out all over them. Big fan of mythology here^^It's timeless.

Anyway...yeah. I started writing a little side story (I wouldn't call it a fanfic, since it's all OC's but takes place with the same deal going in with Camp Half-blood) with Kelcy.
Edit on Shipping:
Oh, I really like Rachel a lot more than Annabeth. I guess that separates me from a lot of the fanbase...but it'd just be boring if Percy ended up with the first girl he met after being being introduced to the whole Mythology culture.

Kind of like how Harry Potter dates Cho Chang and stuff before he realizes that he loves Ginny. It adds more depth.

Edit after reading The Last Olympian: I am pleased with everything. Enough changed in the story to change my opinion of certain characters *ahem* Annabeth *ahem*And I lurved it. All except the contradiction on Lukes age!!! Wtf? How old is he? If he was nineteen in the first one then he would've been like a four year old in the flashback to the 'early nineties' Lol wall of text nao.
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