Age of Mythology TRL - Scorpion Picture

Scorpion (Siege Weapon)

The Scorpion first appears as a wagon full of wooden planks pushed by a Legionary that has no means of defending itself. However, the actual weapon needs to be constructed once within range of an enemy. Once assembled, the scorpion becomes effective at taking down groups of infantry units but is no longer able to move (except rotating on an axis). They can still be unconstructed just as rapidly to escape a losing battle.

Age: Heroic
Trained at:

Strong against: Infantry, Buildings
Weak against:


150 wood 100 gold
Pierce Damage: 6 x 4 arrows
Crush Damage: 3 x 4 arrows
x1.5 vs Hersirs
x2.5 vs Infantry
x3 vs Ships
x4 vs Destroyers
x4 vs Huskarls
x3 vs Buildings

Range: 25
Hitpoints: 85
Hack Armor: 25%
Pierce Armor: 60%
Crush Armor: 75%
Speed: 3.5 meters/second (idle when constructed)
Construction Time: 5 seconds
Line of Sight: 30 meters
Training Time: 17 seconds

Amphitheatre technologies:

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