Lynceus the lynx Picture

name: lynx
human name: Lynceus
totem: the lynx
age: n/a
sex: Male
physical age:
Eyes: mood eyes
Hair: black wih grey/white strikes
jacket: black and white
shoes: tall boots
Other: has long black and grey gloves with sign on both plams of the gloves
Natural abilities:
X-Ray Vision - See through solid matter(X-Ray vision can't penetrate the dense metal Lead)
Evil Eye - Induce harm or pain by staring.
can turn into a lynx and have lynx tail and ears out when human form

Memory Manipulation - Manipulate memories.

Applications of memory manipulation(what he can do with memory manipulation/techniques)
  • Adoptive Muscle Memory: Replicate any movement that you have memorized.
  • Enhanced Memory/Panmnesia: Instantly memorize any information that you have learned.
  • Genetic Memory: Access the memories of one's genetic relatives or hereditary predecessors.
  • Knowledge Projection: Project your memories onto others to give them knowledge.
  • Knowledge Replication: Copy the memories of others to acquire their knowledge.
  • Memory Absorption: Steal the memories of others.
  • Memory Erasure: Erase memories from yourself or others.
    • Amnesia: Selectively erase any of your unwanted memories.
    • Manual Reset: Dump all previous memories so that one may start fresh.
    • Psychic Disguise: Remove yourself from the memories of others.
  • Memory Implantation: Implant memories into the minds of others, which could either be pre-existing memories from someone else, or false memories created by the user.
    • Paramnesia: Distort or erase the memories of yourself or others, so that one can believe fantasies or lies without giving off cerebral implications of deception.
    • Supersede: Place oneself in memories of the target (and act as a loved one or old friend).
    • Traumatize: Implant twisted memories within others to drive them into insanity.
  • Memory Manifestation: Manifest memories of oneself or others into reality.
  • Memory Projection: Create a holographic projection of someone's memories in order to be visually seen.
    • Lingering Memory: Leave behind a memory of yourself to act as an afterimage.
  • Memory Reading: Read the memories of others.
  • Memory Replication: Copy the memories of others.
  • Memory Restoration: Recover damaged or old memories.
    • Déjà-vu: Replay a specific memory.
    • Refresh: Replay a subject’s recent optic sight.
  • Memory Suppression: Lock unwanted memories in the mind until you wish to bring them back
Other info:
-he has mood eyes that say what his mood is and and also controlls his "Evil Eyes" and "X-Ray Vision"
glowing Red
angry, mad, pissed, bloodlust etc...
Dark red
annoyed, irritated, hate, Indignant, envious, etc...
Confused, befuddled, disoriented, curious etc...
Anxious, nervous, edgy, tense, jumpy, Restless, etc...
Stressed, Worried
excited, enthusiastic, creative, etc...
very light blue
Pleased, Somewhat Relaxed, Calm, Peaceful, etc...
Deeply Relaxed, Happy, Bliss, Giving
light purple
Very Happy, Warm, Affectionate, Loving, Infatuated
Heat, Mischievous, Moody, Dreamer, sensitive, etc...
light pink
lovestruck, falling in love, shy/blush, fondness, etc...
Love, Romance, passionate, etc...
Hot pink
horny, aroused, sexually aroused, Amorous, Sensual, lust etc...
Serious, "emotionless", unsympathetic, unkind, uncaring, insensitive, etc...
Mixed Emotions
X-Ray Vision
one eye red one eye brown
Evil Eye

-Lynceus died a human but Zeus thought other wise of Lynceus, Zeus is knew even tho he is faulted for the killing of castor Zeus knew about his power and thought he would be useful in the future to the other constellations so Zeus said if someone on earth "creates" a lynx constellation Lynceus will be living again in the stars, so Johannes Hevelius and filled the gap between ursa major and auriga in the 17th century so Zeus keeping his word brought Lynceus to life and told Lynceus he was one with the constellations and everything Lynceus asked about his brother and Zeus did not reply about that and now Lynceus lives on the celestial sphere with the other constellations
-Lynceus dose "hate" castor and Pollux, but mostly Pollux because Pollux killed Lynceus and as well for his brothers death, he envy's them because he found out that at the end they ended up being glorified by others and other hero's and got castor and Pollux got to be together again while Lynceus and his brother idas died and was hated by some people, some blamed they where the cause of castor and Pollux's death as well as vise versa.
-Lynceus compared to his brother idas, Lynceus is more calmer and mellow headed while his brother is somewhat the opposite idas is more prone to getting hot headed and for being more unforgiven while Lynceus TRIES to put it in the past most the times fails and dose get like idas.
-he stayed away from the zodiacs not caring for them mainly cause of Gemini.
-Lynceus and idas(twin brothers) are the cousins of Castor and pollux(twin brothers).
-Lynceus hates the fact that Gemini got loved for doing something cruel to him and his brother and considers it as they ruined his and his brothers life as well as other things.
-he has a crush on Sam.
- he can be VERY friendly when he wants to be especially towards Sam cause he can tell her something and she will listen and care and can even understand in someways shes very nice to him tho he hates the fact shes closer to Gemini and even knows Gemini.
- Castor dislikes Lynceus and will get hostile towards him may attack him if Lynceus pushes or says something to castor to make him attack while Pollux hates Lynceus for killing castor and will try to kill Lynceus regardless if he just stands there or dose anything Pollux will try to hurt him or at least say something to piss Lynceus so he can have a reason to attack Lynceus.
- he killed castor

Johannes Hevelius defined the constellation in the 17th century because he wanted to fill the open gap between the constellations Ursa Major and Auriga. He supposedly named it Lynx because of its faintness: only the lynx-eyed (or those of good sight) would have been able to recognize it. According to Richard H. Allen, the chief stars in Lynx "might well have been utilized by the modern constructor, whoever he was, of our Ursa Major to complete the quartette of feet."

Lynceus (in Greek, Lynkeus) was the jealous murderer of Castor, along with his brother, Idas. Idas and Lynceus murdered Castor because they all (along with Polydeuces) sought Phoebe and Hilaeira, daughters of Leucippus (who was also Idas and Lynceus' uncle in some versions). Lynceus was one of the Argonauts and he participated in the hunt for the Calydonian Boar. He was a son of Aphareus and Arene and was said to have excellent sight, even able to see through trees, walls and underground
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