Atalanta, the Huntress Picture

She's not really a goddess, but she's well-known in the Greek myths. Not sure if I can remember the whole myth, so I'll just write what I know.

I think she was a princess who was left to die in the forest near her home b/c she wasn't the boy her family wanted, but a she-bear (symbol of Artemis) took pity on her and saved her life. Some hunters eventually found her & raised her in their village. Atalanta became a fierce and determined hunter, and eventually re-united with her father when she proved to be just as good as any son to him by killing the Calydonian Boar. However, she swore she would always be a virgin. She begged her father to let her stay one, so he devised a race.

Many men wanted to marry Atalanta because she was beautiful and royalty, not to mention a very fascinating woman. The rules to the race were, that if a man could out-run Atalanta, he could marry her. If not, he would be killed, & quite a few suitors were lost because of this. Eventually Aphrodite got angry with Atalanta b/c her determination to be a virgin was disrespectful to the goddess of love. So she and a man named Melanion conspired to win Atalanta's hand through trickery. Aphrodite gave him 3 golden apples, which were magical & gave immortality to any who ate them.

He went on a race with Atalanta. He distracted her by throwing out each of the golden apples, 1 at a time, and sure enough, she stopped to grab each one, and he won both the race & her hand in marriage.

Since Atalanta was a runner, I wanted to show her in a dress with a short skirt. She's not the most elaborate character I've done in this series, but she sounds like a practical person, based on her lifestyle of hunting, racing, wrestling, and going on adventures. Atalanta also has a tan b/c of her outdoor lifestyle. There weren't any apples in the game, so I used a gold coin.
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