Chimera- Pyrora Picture

Hehehe.... I'm giving you guys a glimpse of the project I'll /hopefully/ be working on as soon as I find some skill.

So don't hold your breath. :3

Anyway, it's based off the children of Typhon and Echidna from Greek Mythology. Basically, their spirits hitch a ride with some mortals and well... the go have adventures and stuff. I haven't cleared that up yet, but this idea's been floating about in my head for about two years now, give or take. I couldn't find a good list of Typhon's kids, so I used my knowledge of Myths and a bit of personal preference to choose. I ended up including-

The Calydonian Boar- [link]
The Nemean Lion- [link]
The Sphinx
The Hydra
The Chimera- You Are Here
Ladon- [link]

The "monsters" can manifest their "aura" in either the form of a weapon or in their own form. Each weapon is unique and has its own special, limited abilities. They can't manifest their aura on their own, but they require the "focus" of their host, who can either wield the weapon or "coat" themselves with the monster's form. The weapons, with exception of Gourouni, are all based off real weapons. Gourouni's basically just a big whacky thing with spikes.

They each also have their own greek letter.

THREE CHEERS FOR THE FIRST GIRL. Pyrora's not very feminine, but.... She's also the real baby of the family (though not mentally).

Her host is an Afghani woman who is also a devout Muslim. She reads, writes, and understands English, but she can't speak it. Instead she communicates using a mixture of hand signals and writing things down on her little portable whiteboard. She doesn't know how to drive, but can operate both motorcycles and scooters with ease. She's also completely veiled, head to toe.

I think nothing could be more awesome than a veiled woman with a battle-ax and a motorcycle (or is it just me?).

Name: Pyrora (A Horrible mutilation of the Greek words for "Fire" and "Mountain")
Letter: Delta
Personality: Despite her young age, Pyrora is a surprisingly fierce, spirited fighter. She does not get emotionally involved much; it's simply something else that needs to be done. Outside of the battlefield, she is open-hearted and good-natured. She still has a bit of the "sparkle" of youth in her, despite having already being dead. She tends to rely a little too much on others and their support, but works fine independently (at least, after she gets used to it). She's a glass half-full kinda... monster and seems to particularly enjoy the human arts.

Despite her pleasant nature, she prefers to confide only in her host, and almost never speaks out loud without consulting her beforehand. They seem to have formed an exceptionally close bond.

Abilities: Like her siblings, Pyrora possesses limited regenerative abilities. She is remarkably nimble and sure-footed, and can breath fire and sulfur from both of her mouths. She also possesses a tremendous amount of raw power and can overcome most opponents physically. She will use anything available to win, as if it were a game that she has to beat. She does not talk while fighting and will not (usually) respond to taunts or other jibes, making her a frustratingly hard to read.

Her weapon form is that of a simple Battle Ax. It is designed for powerful, simple strokes that either decapitate an enemy, or cause them to bleed out. Pyrora, however, prefers to simply knock them out with the pommel. She is extremely heavy, but can easily be lifted by her host or her sibling's hosts. Her special ability allows her to heat up her blade to white-hot temperatures to inflict extra damage.


So that's it. *ponders some more* Nothing much to type here except her host is one of my favorites. :3

(c) Me
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