Soul Picture

This is the first in a series I decided to do in order to fill up the individual galleries of the site. They need some major love. Naturally, I decided to start with Psyche, mostly because she’s the main character/narrator, and because I wanted to draw this dress on her. It’s stolen from ~callisto-chan, specifically this picture. When she had first sketched it out, I thought it looked like a modern version of a toga, so I sort of wanted Psyche to wear it as well, and…yeah, she raided Dia’s closet.

Of course, the dress was supposed to be white, but then I decided to play with it a little, and ended up liking the gradiented version better. It’s a little more interesting, methinks. And it’s pretty, so it works for her. This, by the way, is sort of considered her ‘goddess’ form, although she’s mortal. But she was immortal once (it’s complicated), so she gets the honor of having a goddess form as well.

I decided to do her braid a little different this time, mostly in the spirit of her being dressed up. She makes mention in the story that her fashion statement is just a small braid, and doesn’t specify where it is, just that she has one. So I decided to play with that a little, and I like it. It’s not as in your face as her normal braid, but that might be because I forget the curls in front of her ears. Whoop.
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