Phascomon Digivolution~ Picture

Phascomon - Astamon - Callismon(Coming soon)

Name: Phascomon
Level: Child(Rookie)
Attribute: Virus
Field: NSo,DA
Type: Demon Beast
Attacks: Eucaly Claw,Evil Snore,Dark Eyes
A Demon Beast Digimon which inhabits the dark "Evil Forest" that is spread vast across the Dark Area. It always curls up in a treetop and sleeps often. At a glance, it seems like it's harmless, but it is a fully-fledged Demon Digimon, and there have been many injuries reported from it leaping from the treetop and attacking people as soon as they let their guard down. Its Special Moves are sleep wave emitted from its sleepy-looking eyes (Evil Snore), and sharp claws containing paralyzing venom (Eucalyptus Claw).

Name: Astamon
Level: Perfect(Ultimate)
Attribute: Virus
Field: NSo,DA
Type: Demon Man
Attacks: Hellfire,Maverick
Though it is a Perfect, it possesses power surpassing that of an Ultimate, and is a Prince of the Dark Area which governs a legion of Demon Digimon. It shows cruelty to its enemies and kindness to its friends, and because of that charisma it is expected to gain a considerable number of followers among Demon Digimon. The bullets fired from its prided machine gun, "Oro Salmón", possess their own will, and will surely chase the opponent to the "end of hell". Its Special Moves are firing every single one of Oro Salmón's bullets (Hellfire), and a kick which unleashes all of its own pent-up dark Qi (Maverick). Oro Salmón is the work of the gunsmith who crafted Beelzebumon's favorite guns, the "Berenjena".

Name: Callismon
Level: Ultimate(Mega)
Attribute: Virus
Field: NSo
Type: Mutant,Synthetic Beast
Attacks: Deep Forest,Rodeo Bullet
Callismon is a Synthetic Beast Digimon whose name and design are derived from the mythological Callisto. It is a Grizzlymon that has been modified by Arkadimon's data.
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