MSP Round 3- Alignment Switch Picture

Badass Callisto coming through!!! lol

So let me explain some things before I go into story/detail. Visually, I wanted her to look as if she has a sense for who she's supposed to be, but it's a very vague vision. I kept her curly hair but with an edge to it, kept her in shorts, her earrings are similar, a jacket thats sorta just like her collar but in a different form, still has a bow, some Jupiter Senshi beads here and there, and she has a tattoo on her stomach that resembles what her brooch is supposed to look like. I drew a whole bunch of random debris to show her destruction to the world.

Also, I worked on my ability to shade A LOT here. I used a whole lot more layers, highlighted, even made a layer just for a little bit of red to warm her skin up and look like a human being. I looked at actual portraits this round to get a better understanding of dimensions in the face. I also attempted to work on showing her ethnicity (still working on it
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