Hunting for Prey - SDS Greed Picture

Greed- a craving for material wealth or gain

Lilith is a mythological character in many religions. The one I focused more on is Mesopotamian aspect of her. She in Jewish mythology was the first wife of Adam who expelled herself from the Garden of Eden. In Mesopotamian/ Jewish mythology she is a demon of the night who gave birth to legions and legions of demons and preys upon pregnant women and children. She would prey on males up until their 8th day [it says it's when a boy should be circumcised] and girls up until their 20th day. She is always depicted with owls.

I used Callisto from "Fallen Angel" as reference, therefore I put this under Fan Art. Callisto was fallen much like lilth in a sense. I've wanted to paint/draw the Callisto as a demon since I was 14, maybe 15. It was a good call because it fits. I might do some changes to it and repost it, I wanted to do a lot more but because of time constraints I couldn't. I made her owl-esque, with the eyes. She looks like she's hunting for her prey and that's what I wanted to portray in this piece; Much like an owl and mice. She's perched on a treebranch at night, with moonlight shining down [This is what I wanted it to be] This one is different from the rest, to me it's darker and more striking.

Oil on Wood
12x5 x 14
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