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Philippine Mythological Creature: Tikbalang
September 2006
by: Anton Daniel T. de la Cruz (~cadmus-g / ~GlueMeSundae)

pronounced as: Tick-bah-lang
- is half-human, half-animal. The upper part of its body is horse, lower part is human (or vice versa). The difference between a Tikbalang and a Kapre, is that a Tikbalang usually appears up in the mountains, while Kapre may be found both in the mountains and in town.

Tikbalang are said to only scare travellers. Tikbalangs are said to play tricks on travellers such that they keep on returning to an arbitrary path no matter how far or where the traveller turns. Supposedly this is counteracted by wearing their shirts inside out. Another countermeasure is to ask permission out loud to pass by or not produce too much noise while in the woods in order to not offend or disturb the Tikbalang.

According to traditional folklore, the Tikbalang can also transform itself into human form. The Tikbalang may assume the form of someone a victim may be acquanted with, such as a close relative, and imitate their exact voice and mannerisms. At this point, the Tikbalang is said to ask the victim to follow it into the woods. The traveller, believing the Tikbalang to be someone they know, will do so willingly and end up getting even more lost, sometimes never to be seen again.

(source wikipedia)

Tikbalang by cadmus-g© is an original artwork composition made by, Anton Daniel T. de la Cruz (aka ~cadmus-g) for the year 2005. This work is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED internationally. Any unauthorized use of this image/visual will result in immediate legal action. You are advised to contact the copyright holder directly for any use of this image.

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