Yera, Deceased Goddess of the Universe/Heaven/Time Picture

In my novel, I have gods that reside over the universe. I have five main gods: rulers of the sky, seas, natural world, underworld, and the universe/heavens.

Yera was a lot like Hera in Greek Mythology. She also had powers over time and life. Her deadly weapon was a staff with power flowing from it. When that is destroyed, she dies. It was made of Celestial Gold. (there are many types of metals and rocks used in weaponry) Her hair was blonde and her eyes were hazel. Her crown was made of gold, as was her armor. She wore an orange dress and white cape, yet the inside of her cape was a silky gold.

Spouse(s): Kaelasan, God of the Skies/Marinio, God of the Seas/Sedaus, Titan of Death (Her uncle! She was a player, another reason she died...she died because of extreme loneliness and her staff breaking. Her brothers and sisters, and even her children, disliked her. Sheesh.)

Godly Children: Cadmus, God of Medicine/Landek, God of Messengers/Elsime, God of the Forge/Cleche, God of Parties/Anicet, God of Sports/Lexander, God of Youth/Lesilia, Goddess of Family/Athena, Goddess of Wisdom/Demetria, Goddess of Arts and Crafts/Musa, Goddess of Music/Orice, Goddess of Prophecy/Terra/Goddess of Travelers/Carissa, Goddess of Love/Drama, Goddess of Theatre/Megeia, Goddess of Magic/Januarila, Goddess of Doorways/Viktoria, Goddess of Victory/Fortunata, Goddess of Fate/Libra, Goddess of Balance/Authora, Goddess of Literature/Concordia, Goddess of Harmony.

Demi-God Children: None

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Have a nice day!
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