AALC Alicia Harper Picture

Name - Alicia Harper
Age - 16
Species - medusa/human
Height - 155cm
Weight - 120kg
Fighting Style - petrification and kitchen knifes


I am what happens when a scientist obsessed with greek mythology messes with biology too much.
I was to be the human reincarnation of Medusa. Prototyped with what was said to be the Athena's shield and some snake genes in the womb of my mother who died at my birth.
Unforunatly I failed to meet the scientist's expectations.
He raised me hidden from the world only to dump me in a port town with the instructions "find the mysterious boatman""enroll at Lillegard".


- Awkward and not very social, after all she has never met anyone other that the scientist. But will warm up quickly to strangers who she finds kind.
- can be quite gullible but also cautious? she can tell when not to do stupid things of course.
- VERY Paranoid that her hair will turn into snakes if it is too long (so she cuts it haphazardly when it does)
- Has a scientist's curiousity in other words very curious, loves to find out things that she doesn't know, which is a lot - often distracted by things.
- loves warmth due to snake genes, sleeps often during cold days.
other info:
- Her hair does turn into snakes when it gets long.
- She wears glasses because she worries about turning people into stone by accident. She can control that power though. Power works when she takes the glasses off
- Can talk to snakes, but she has a slight fear of them.
- her snake hair turns back into hair when cut.
- she has a lisp when angry.
- she has a split tongue, like a snake.
- probably kinda abused by the scientist for being a fail?
i'll add more stuff when i think of it

the belt thingies go on her thighs or just above her shoes idk, - usually on the thighs so she can grab them.

it doesnt matter how long you draw her hair cos she always cuts it?
its usually around shoulder length
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