Sculpture - Birth of Ideas Picture

((Copy-Pastes artist statement turned in with piece))

"In the mythology of Ancient Greece, one aspect of the goddess Athena was Wisdom. Rational thought and knowledge. The story behind her birth is one of the many unusual god births in Greek mythology. This goddess of Wisdom sprung out of the king god's head, fully grown.

If you think about it, it makes sense (in a very abstract way) for a goddess of Wisdom to come from the head. The brain. This is where human thought is born.

In my piece, I hoped to capture the idea of thought. The creative process of ideas beginning to take form. A brainstorm, so to speak, of many little half-formed ideas fighting to get free.

What better symbol of birth than that of an egg? Especially since there are so many other things that take a vaguely egg-shaped– the human head, for example. What a coincidence then, that Athena was ‘born' from the head of her father. For that matter, the human brain also has an egg shape to it.

These are my reasons for the shape of my piece. Little ideas, personified like Athena, fighting to free themselves from the ‘egg' that represents birth as well as the home of human thought processes."

Carved Plaster with white shoe polish as finish.
Sticks and branches for the nest.

PS- yeah... I wove that next myself. On the one hand, it's nothing compared to the amazing works of art that birds just naturally know how to make... but hey! I'm a cat! My form of nesting requires several blankets and floofy pillows! ^_^() All kidding aside, I think it turned out very nicely...
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