Sketches on Mutatio Vacuus Picture

Note: The tail is awkwardly drawn so I apologize for that. A better version of this drawing, with color, will be uploaded later.

Mutatio Vacuus, in Latin, means changing emptiness or void. It's the name of a fantasy, vampiric species I made and hope to polish up a little more. Their wings and tail were designed after Arctic Terns and their faces were designed after Barn Owls and Roman helmets. Their feet are designed after Barn Owls as well lol. Since emptiness doesn't have a form, the Mutatio Vacuus are capable of altering the anti-matter that makes them up, and shift to any form they please. But their 'true' or default form is somewhat draconic in appearance. When shifting, their color will always remain on the same. Additionally, face will remain the same in design-the Barn Owl/Roman helmet look-but will adjust to fit whatever form they took. IE) If one takes the form a tiger, then the head will be more robust, being the same size as a tiger's skull but will retain their Barn Owl/Roman helmet appearance. The said 'tiger' will also be whatever color the individual was.

I see them as the physical embodiment of void or complete emptiness. Vampires are depicted having insatiable thirst for blood so I designed my species on the concept of the void; that all-consuming emptiness. Their physical forms are a type of vessel for that void and can only be destroyed if you hit four specific spots on their bodies. Think of their form as a container that will only break if you hit it at just the right places. The forehead, sternum, base of the neck, and sacrum are the weak points of the species. Any other injury inflicted on them are considered nonfatal. IE) Decapitating them will only cause them pain but not kill. However, should one receive an injury on their weak spot, that said spot will never heal and leave them that much more vulnerable. IE) If one gets hit on the forehead but not anywhere else, then they now have 3 weak points instead of 4.

I'd like to clarify that these are not demons or undead monsters. They're a fantasy species lol. They're also not an evil species, though, as with other species there are exceptions. The average life span is roughly 200 years, though some have lived to be as old as 1000. As they age, the physical shell that contains their void grows weaker, and in death, eventually collapses in on itself. With newborns, the control over the container has not yet been established, resulting in them being born as swirling, fluid-like creatures.

As a long-lived species, they breed very slowly. Both males and females lack genitals and their process of childbirth was inspired by Athena's birth in Greek mythology. A mate is referred to as a Chosen and the bond the two share is life-long. Should one Chosen die, the other will not take another. How one chooses their Chosen is based on the harmony two individuals feel when with one another. All Mutatio Vacuus can sense one another, even when having shifted their form to an inanimate object. This is because each void ‘hums’ at a frequency that is unique to the individual. When a Chosen is found, frequency of the Chosen will be in harmony with the frequency of the other.

When a child is born, it is from the fusion of the harmonized frequencies of the parents. The two will create a new, unique frequency which becomes the child. Like other animals, they are capable of passing down their version of DNA. When a child is born, it possesses traits from both the mother’s side and father’s side of the family. The traits are randomized, so the child may have eyes like their great great grandparents.

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