Rinfaf and the posse Picture


So among my billions of other ideas of which I never will write or turn into anything....there was this. This unnamed fantasy story (which I am tempted to call Rinfaf and the __________) has been brewing in my head for about a year now. Following on the ideas of "Animals of Farthing Wood", it is set in a world of mythical creatures and people. Wizards, trolls, dwarfs, mermaids, hags, witches, all that good stuff. But the people in this world are the least most important. The anima;s in this world are given the exact same treatment of animals in our world. Some our loved and adored as pets or in zoos, while other are abused and used for show.
In this case a young half-elf-half-human named Barkis U. Mithos owns a circus of these creatures whom he abuses to make the perfect show. Fed up, the animals band together and escape into their wild habitats.
So...yeah it needs a lot of work as you can see but I have got the basics of their personalities down.

Rinfaf is the leader and brute force of the group. Back in the circus he was Misto’s main attraction and poster child. He was the grand finale and pulled the showstopper by flying through burning hoops. Little did any of the audience members know that Misto reportedly killed Rinfaf’s mother and took him away from the wild as a baby. Since then Rinfaf has held a grudge towards the man and has wanted all his life to kill Misto personally. Rinfaf uses his background as a wild animal as a way to hold himself above the others. In other words, he thinks that because he came from the wild he knows what he’s doing. Really he doesn’t. He has a fear of his own kind running off whenever another dragon is near-by.

Bellerophon, or “Billy” by his closest friends, is Rinfaf’s right hand horse. He looks up to Rinfaf as an older brother, after they befriended one another as children. Bellerophon may not be the most abused clan member but he certainly watched his fellow pegasi get beaten on countless occasions. Billy may not have any powers but he does have an ego on him. He was named because of the belief that he is a descendant of Pegasus himself (to humans and most other animals the character is nothing but legend, but winged horses regard him as a deity.) Billy is rarely serious. He is always perky and ready for action.

A very uptight and rude phoenix with a hot head (no pun intended). With a soft spot only for Bremble and Notka, Benson sees right through Rinfaf’s lies and tries to convince the others that he is the rightful leader of the clan.

A granny-type griffon whose suppose to be the teams scout. She is startled easily and believes anything told to her. Bremble’s motherly nature gets the best of her at times, cleaning the pelts of the others and making sure they eat right. She covets a chick named Notka on their journey.

The youngest animal on the team, found and hatched while the group was passing by a town. Notka is awfully quiet and keeps to himself. He gravitates only to Bremble and Benson (mostly because the latter spends his time around Bremble). No one knows exactly what Notka is. He looks and sounds like an eaglet but is to big and to brightly colored to be one.

Unicorns are often called the sheep of the mythological world. Their powers aren’t as vast as legend makes them out to be and the prefer being in herds of their own. And considering how she escaped with two other unicorns that were unfortunately killed after they escaped, it’s a little hard for Magnolia to fit in. She, like Notka, is the quiet type. She speaks up very little and hates being up in the air. Magnolia believes fighting is wrong and doesn’t like confrontation with other animals in the slightest. There’s only one person who Magnolia trusts: Bellarophon, whose interest in her isn’t exactly subtle.

Cerville, Brutus, and Ustuss.
For three headed dogs (or three headed anything really) most people think they have the same brain. Nope. Three headed dogs originate from a breed of wolf that had a mutation in their DNA that fuses fedises together. These dogs are able to live just as well as any normal one, but sadly they tend to exploited more often.
Cerville, Brutus, and Ustuss are three brothers who act very differently. Cerville is the smartest and friendliest of the three, Brutus is stuck up and only really gets along with Benson, and Ustuss is…unique. They have a lot of neck strain because they’re always looking in different directions then the other.

Nameless is nameless. This sneaky, self-centered, and very playful kitsune has no idea where he came from. He only knows who he is and what he does. But he never lets anyone else know. He never lets anyone else know anything about him, which is exactly why no one does. He loves pestering the others into doing his bidding or simply because he can. He has a darker pelt compared to the typical kitsune.
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