beast or man? Picture

Those who walk on all fours, they are beasts.
Those walking on two feet, guts and glory are MEN

Inter Milan, Barça will win. I would go to Barcelona often set apart, but not this time. Lost ... that ugly no?

I have really wanted to scream, do not know if either of frustration, courage or just emotion. And also I want to sleep.

Return film, we saw "Clash of the Titans" is the most bizarre REMAKE (not to say ugly) I have seen. That was Bellerophon Pegasus?, That always goes with Perseus?. I hate the way trample mythology.

Moleskine + photoshop.

Ustedes disculparan la "muletilla" de dibujar el mismo patron. Pero, no puedo hacer algo mejor. Pronto, pronto, o cuando tenga tiempo. espero sea pronto.
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