Bellerophon and Lobates Picture

This is the spread for pgs 12-13 in Compass Media's "Bellerophon and Pegasus."

We last left our hero leaving the palace of the evil King Proteus, and heading to the kingdom of Proteus' father-in-law Lobates, bearing a letter that assured his execution. However, Lobates is a good guy and hits it off with Bellerophon. Here they are, boozing it up like proper ancient Greeks in a G-rated movie. Dig those gigantic saucer-shaped kylixes! Also, Bellerophon is wearing a wreath of violets, which was traditional headgear for ancient Greek drinking parties.

The big marble table isn't really as authentic as it could be, but I was pleased I was able to actually show the guys bare-chested and eating on couches (as the original plan was to have them sitting up a la Michelangelo's Last Supper).

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