DR: Odysseus Picture

Name: Odysseus
Age: Appears to be in his late 30s but is much, much older than that
Height: 5’8”
Birthday: “December 12” Sagittarius
Race: Revived human
Sex: Male
Lineage: Grandson of Arcesius and Autolycus, Son of Laertes and Anticleia
Patron Goddess: Athena
-Mist form: Leaf keychain
-Non-Mist form: Bow
Controlled, first and foremost. He has a temper but he is a calculating man and after a decade of war and coping with Achilles' temper tantrums and a further decade of terrible sea-going adventures, it is difficult to rattle his calm unless you really tap into his pride or put yourself or others at serious risk. Beyond that, he is arrogant. He is manipulative and convinced of his own superior intelligence and physical prowess. He survived ten years of war against other humans and a further several years of a great many terrifying monsters and supernatural forces trying to murder him. He feels fully justified in his exaggerated sense of his own prowess and importance.

Deadly Flaw: Hubris - excessive pride
Odysseus has great faith in his own abilities, but this can lead him to rash behavior like shooting all of Penelope’s suitors and then “cleansing his halls with fire.”

Background: See: The Iliad and The Odyssey though the relevant points are summarized below.
Odysseus ruled Ithaca until his death of natural causes, whereupon he handed his kingdom off to his son, Telemachus. He dwelled in the Elysian Fields with his wife until he was approached by Hermes to return to the world and aid in the rearing and training of the next generation of heroes, with the promise of moving to the Isles of the Blest with his wife when his task is done. Amused at being asked and intrigued by the prospect and the reward, he agreed to serve for as long as he might be needed, leaving his wife to begin renovations to their villa in Elysium and plan their new home in the Isles of the Blest upon his return.

Other Info:
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