They're eating her and then... Picture


Er-sorry. Don't know where them came from :I (Actually, I do. You all prolly just don't care XD)

HEY. HEY DANNI. REMEMBER THOSE DOODLES OF THE BABIES I PROMISED?...tadaaaaa :3 Yup. the first 5 belong to Dimi and Aly. Then Melody is Kurtis and Autolycus kiddie. Then we have Hollis who belongs to Hector and Juliet...none of you know Juliet, but that's okay 8D

QUICK BACK STORY IN ORDER TO EXPLAIN THE DOODLE OF MENESTRA. Her name's actually MESTRA, spelled it like Menestra for some odd reason or another o_O From what I've read from mythology and research, Mestra and Autolycus were married at some point. There isn't really much about them so I assumed Autolycus being a busy little thief and all left her (Mestra slept with thousands of men in order to support her father, soooo working as a prostitute might have turned him off a bit XD). So at some point I assumed they had at least one child and thaaaaat's where Melody comes in :3 THERE'S YOUR DAILY DOSE OF NOT ENTIRELY OFFICIAL GREEK MYTHOLOGY XD

All characters belong to their original owners :3
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