OC - Autolycus, Thief Prince Picture

Continuing with my start of going with my newest character- here's the next in my OC set, another more recent creation (originally conceived last year if I remember correctly): my Prince of Thieves, Autolycus.

He, like Shadia before him, is also in one of the first deviations I put up in this account- the snag there is that, he looks a bit different since I decided to waver from the original design a little in that one. So here he is, in all his regal, princely glory. Autolycus came about when I had the idea to make a band of thieves- a pet project if you will, since thieves are my absolute favorite class of character. In this case, I wove in some traditional mythology (Autolycus is actually a title- granting him reknown as the second best thief in the world...only to be bested by the one with the title of Mercury). He's everything a classic thief should be; cool, calm, classy, and mysterious. Everything I put on him was meant to emphasize that. His mask in particular serves special mention- it's one of a set of special masks that grant unique gifts- in this case, the power of Absolute Silence (he cannot be heard, or felt by ANYTHING...unless he wants to be) and dominion over Ravens/Crows- giving him the ability to summon them and see through their eyes (Naruto fans, think Pein). What can't be seen is his special hook shaped dagger, and garroting wires. Oh, and yes...he wears an ascot...so what?!


Autolycus (C) Alfred Pangkerego

-Utensils- .5 mechanical pencil, Copic and Prismacolor markers, and pigment liners.
-Working Time- 20 mins. penciling, 40 mins. inking & cleanup, 50 mins. coloring. Total Time: approx. 2 hrs.
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