Stephanie Lowry Hogwarts Student ID Picture

I've seen a lot of these here on deviantArt and I thought I would give this a try. You can find the empty one here: [link].

Name: Stephanie Lowry
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 9,1992
Hair: Golden Brown and Layered
Eyes: Brown
Species: Superhuman (Hell yeah!)
Blood Status: Pure-blood
Registered:Animagus-can turn into a lion
House: Ravenclaw-Smart, creative, and gives advice to people who need it
Patronus: Falcon (one my of favorite NFL teams is Atlanta Falcons)
Boggart: Spiders- Just like Ron, I'm afraid of them
Wand: 12 inches, Elder, dragon heartstring
Clubs: Dumbledore's Army, S.P.E.W.
Pet(s): Owl named Perceus (after the Greek Mythology hero)
Can fly
Has super-speed and x-ray vision
Experienced in Martial Arts
Is super smart
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