CotT meme Filled Picture

Wow... This has got to be the fastest I have ever done a meme. Especially one of my own... LOL.

Now, some of these need some explaining,
1. Nothing much to say there...

2. Pretty much why I started watching CotT. I've always loved Greek Mythology. And the reason I've stayed in the CotT fandom, the fans. They're all so damn NICE. It's insane!

3. Atlanta. I've always had a thing for stong female characters. Theresa is not a strong female character. She's just a Mary Sue.

4. Lycan! He's just cool, dunno why. And yes, I like Thanatos. i was gonn draw him, but I forgot about the fact he was my other fav monster until I'd already drawn wolfy over here, and I couldn't be stuffed to find a god damn reference for him.

5. Archlanta. Jaresa go eat your heart out.

6. Yes, I ship Neil Cassie. DEAL WITH IT!
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