Bari Picture

Well, as some of you may know, I've really been into CotT lately,- that is 'Class of the Titans'. Yes, clasS. NOT clasH. It's a totally awesome Canadian cartoon, that you people should check out. <><>

Anway, this is my OC, Bari, for ~drgonstar 's fan-fic. She's descended from Bastet from Egyptian mythology(which is slightly canon in the show. <><>~). I would tell you more, but you'll just have to read the fic to find out about her!

Well, okay, here are some facts though~ She's very sarcastic, knows nothing about her heritage, is far smarter than she lets on, and hates how much translating she has to do for the others- from Odie-speak to layman's terms. Her least favorite? "If we don't do this right, the world? It go boom." Also, she hisses when angered or in danger- but doesn't meow like me! <><> Hehehe!

Anyway, I apologise for the horrible quality of scans- I darkened the lines a bit in photoshop, but I was kinda feeling lazy- and I have an extremely important(and large) request from a RL friend to do, and I wanted to get this done. <^^'>

Also, for anyone who wants to know her colours, extremely pale skin(due to being a internet-junkie), black jeans and black and red tank. The black is the top half. <^^>

Also, her necklace is a cat's eye pendent. And by 'Cat's eye' I mean the gemstone.

So yeah~~~

-feline, out!
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