COTT - Titans Gone Stray Picture

What happens when you get a Wolf's Rain fan and mix her with a COTT one? Me!!...except my drawings obviously need a little work. But hey, it's good enough.

This is a bit of a Wolf's Rain/COTT crossover. I find that the information behind the stories are quite similar. This is a bit of random drawings made during boring lectures, featuring the team in their wolf forms (hence the "wolf"). To put bluntly, this is the story.

Wolves were created by the creator God in a so-called "made up" religion. They became the rulers of Rakuen (aka Paradise). Wolves gave birth the mankind. Man forgot about their connections to the wolves, therefore secured their form. Wolves could create an illusion used to fool people to make them look human. However, a human can "wake up the wolf within them", and become who they really are, a wolf.

This is kind of a play on COTT and the legend in Wolf's Rain. Greek mythology was suppose to be stories, but in the show it was discovered to be very real (again, like Wolf's Rain). Also, the Gods work closely with the heroes in order to fight off evil so the world can be safe (although they don't try to fight off evil unless they are confronted with it first, they do try to "save the world" in regards to opening Paradise and allowing the world to be reborn). Although the differences are painfully obvious, there are so many similarities it's insane (come on, honestly raise your hand if you think that Tsume and Archie are somehow related). The actual explanation of the pictures is too long, but for COTT fans, it's on the fan art section of the forum on

(left to right)

Top - Odie, Theresa, Herry
Middle right - Neil, Jay
Bottom - Atlanta, Archie
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