Allie Jackson Picture

Base: [link] Found by my lovely friend ~xXReiAtsuXx

okay this is Percy's sister: Atlanta "Allie" Jackson

1st: 4
Gabe probably has moved in aroudn this time and she is active and adorable. Hasn't started school yet but is Dyslexic and has ADHD

2nd: 7
Causing trouble in school but still innocent looking

3rd: 9-11
Dyes er hair blue piss off Gabe. Also this is around the first time she goes to camp Half-blood

4th: 12-14
She is out of comission for a while and is with some naiads teaching her things: healing, water magic, and control

5th: 15-16
When Percy disappears and Leo comes to camp. Totally into Leo.

6th: 17-20
Dating Leo and spending her last couple summers at camp before college

7th: 21-24
Engaged to Leo. Got her degree in teaching Greek mythology in english and greek. Easy easy for her

PJATO copyright to Rick Riordan
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