Jumbled Picture

So. I drew out most of the weapons used in the first season of Class of the Titans. Technically, I drew this last summer, but I found it tucked away in the back of my sketchbook recently. And I didn't think it looked that bad. But whatever.

All the weapons drawn here are as listed:
- Jay's sword/xiphos. Depends on whether you want the technical term or the simplified version. I'm a sword geek. Yeah....
- Staff. Used every now and then by Jay. I don't -think- he's used it in the second season... but who knows. I missed a few episodes.
- Theresa's nunchucks. Did you know that nunchucks are illegal in Canada? Just felt everyone should know before that creepy man down on 42nd street tries to sell a set to you...
- Bola's. Previously used by Atlanta, until she ditched these for her finger-gun-thing. Very cool. *nods*
- Laser Cross Bow Finger Thing. I think. Actually, this names sounds better than "Finger Laser Thing". Thankee, Valerydufster for a much awesomer name.
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