Suzaku Picture

So, I was accepted into the Artist Alley at Anime Weekend Atlanta this year. I had never done anything quick like this so I was a bit nervous as to how my work would be accepted. Needless to say, things went really well. Here is one of my popular paintings from the convention. It was sold quickly.

This is Suzaku (so says my kanji), the vermilion bird, of asian mythology. The origin of Suzaku is Chinese (where its name is Zhuque; Suzaku is the Japanese name).

Suzaku is one of the Four Symbols in the Chinese constellations. It is associated with the direction south, fire elementals, and the summer season.

Here is how I planned to represent these qualities:

Fire: the color of Suzaku. This was offset by the background color to make it more calming.

Summer: In Asia, wisteria is a common flowering tree that grows in the summer. With the colors and lines, I knew it wouldn't be too over powering.

South: This one was more of canvas placement than anything. I had planned on hanging it under Genbu (of the north), but that didn't work out.

As far as techniques are concerned, I decided to experiment. If you look at the background of this piece and most of the other pieces in this small series, you will notice a subtle variation in texture. This was created in about five layers of watered down acrylic paint mixed with dish soap. Blow bubbles into the mixture and paint it on. The results are never the same and a little tricky.

Bought: October 1, 2011
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