Underwater Picture

So, everybody remember that hurrdurr Jay & Cronus sketch based on "Poor Unfortunate Souls" that I uploaded last time I got on? Yeah, that inspired this. I guess we all know who mer!Jay was pining after now. I doubt many people here are disappointed by the answer.

Man, this was at once super fun and a royal pain in the ass to draw. Dat tail, especially. Love doing scales but glob do they take forever. I was going to make it blue, actually, but the background would have drowned it out. Also drawing guys still sucks ass. Too bad there's no excuse I could have given to give Jay a shirt.
...no, wait, actually I kind of prefer it this way.

I digress.

I didn't take much inspiration for this follow-up from TLM. The train of thought was actually more like, "I should draw Jay and Theresa hey look it's that picture I did of Jay and Cronus DUDE mer-Jay x Theresa GO." My mind works in mysterious ways. I did toy with the idea of making Atlanta a mermaid also while thinking up a pose, because that would be awesome and fucking with Archie is horribly fun, but I couldn't think of a good composition for them. I might do it later anyway.

I didn't intend for it to be a full-fledged painting, either, but by the time I was done with that background (which I did after sketching the lineart but before cleaning it) I was lost to the world.

...I should write something about this. Forbidden romance + Jay & Theresa + merperson AU = sign me the math up. Hold on while I fuck over Greek mythology like it never even happened and find a way to make Cronus play Ursula.
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