S.P.Q.R Picture

S.P.Q.R - Senātus Populusque Rōmānus ("The Senate and People of Rome")

This is a character collage of several characters from my story Ex-Roman. So character profile time. Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Let's start with the man in the corner with the eye patch next to the Roman helmet, first time I ever drew a Roman helmet, I found an image on google which I used for a reference. Most of the characters are named after a planet or astrology sign except for the main character. The three characters with dark-black colored hair are siblings.

Name: Libra Accorsi - Occupation: Tribunus of Roman military - hair color: brown - eye color: brown, lost his right eye in battle with a Pagan heretic whom he was asked to assassinate by his cousin and prince Alecto. Status: Married to his distant maternal cousin Venus who is the sister of Alecto and Saturn. Offspring: 7, 1 adopted, grand total = 8. Libra is a career soldier in the employ of his cousin's (the 3 sibling's mother's family) but really has no loyalty to them but has the honor of a soldier to uphold his duty nonetheless. (extra note: Venus *also a Roman Goddess* is the ruling planet of Libra)

the woman above him with the owl and non shaded hair

Name: Althea Callas/Riga - Occupation: Physician - hair color: light brown, eye color: blue, Origin: Athens, Greece. She had an arranged marriage that she ran away from, she asked Alecto to stow her away on a merchant ship in exchange for free healthcare. She becomes his primary doctor among many other things. She has a cheery disposition but has a very dark personality which she hides.

(e.n: her name means 'medicinal herb*first name* - beautiful'*last name* She's polytheistic which is why I added the owl, the bird of Athena, the patron Goddess of her home.)

the woman beside her with black hair

Name: Venus Gallo Accorsi - Occupation: being Libra's wife, hair color: black, eye color: green. She is the youngest of the 3 siblings, her marriage to her mother's cousin was arranged by her parents as a way to protect her from her oldest brother Saturn. There is 20 years between her and Saturn but just 4 years between her and Alecto. She often keeps the peace between her brothers while Alecto keeps the peace between Saturn and Libra. She tries to be fair and not pick sides between her brothers although she prefers Alecto whom she had spent more time with and is the only person who truly knows him.

the big man with the short black hair, he's not missing an arm, I just didn't want to draw it, its inside his robe like thing.

Name: Saturn Amoro Gallo - Occupation: King, former soldier, hair color: black, eye color: brown, height: 6'0", age: mid to late 50s. The oldest of his siblings and rightful heir to the throne, he became King when he murdered his father then later in the same day, murdered his mother. He's been married 13 times and is on his 14th marriage, his first wife was raped and killed by his uncle while he was in the military which his father forced him to join. When he found out that his father had allowed his uncle to brutally abuse his wife, he responded in kind by sexually abusing his sister and sadistically abusing his brother. His brother took most of the abuse and since then the two have not gotten along. Saturn denies doing any of the such to either sibling. He's 16 years older than his brother and 20 years older than his sister. He doesn't truly care about his kingdom.

the woman behind Saturn
Name: Nerenea Gallo - Occupation: being Saturn's wife. hair color: dark brown, eye color: brown. Origin: Thrace. Offspring: 2. Saturn's 14th wife, he met her while traveling in Thrace in his mini vacation where he left the kingdom in his brother's hands. She only knows and sees the good side of Saturn and has no idea of what he has done in the past.

the man with the long black hair (the main character)
Name: Alecto Regulus Gallo/Darius Riga - Occupation: Pirate hair color: black, eye color: brown, height: 5'7-5'8 age: early to mid 40s. Born a prince but banished from home by his brother Saturn, he eventually turns to pirating but develops a real affection for the career change. He is the only sibling not name after a planet but instead a star, "Regulus" which is found in the constellation Leo. While in Greece, he suffers a name change due to wanting to remain anonymous, his new name is Darius Zeno which his surname then changes to Riga. He suffers from a multitude of psychological issues due to the abuse from his brother and neglect by his parents but is normal in all other aspects. He's thought of as a psycho murderer because he murdered 3 kids while he was a child himself but killing is actually his last resort and he doesn't like violence at all. He's not a soldier, his trained as a scholar and while he likes intellectual conversations, he is misanthropic. He's a tad bit racist and is homophobic but everyone in his family except for Venus and Libra, thinks he's gay. His life revolves completely around money, nothing else is important to him, he is richer than his brother and cares more for the kingdom initially.

(e.n - Alecto is actually a Greek female name but with this spelling of using a 'C' instead of 'K', its the Latin variant. Alecto is one of the Furies in Roman mythology, aka the Erinyes, Eumenides in Greek while Darius is a male name with its origin in Persia but is shared with Greece, so is the name Cyrus. Alecto always sounded like a boy's name to me though which is why I used it although he technically has a girl's name.)

the guys with the curly hair, the Twins.
Names: (closer to the red margin) Gemini Cyrus Gallo the younger twin - Occupation: being a pain in the ass, hair color: brown, eye color: blue (for both twins). Cyrus is gay! He's in love with his paternal cousin Alecto who disregards his affection. Cyrus is just a spoiled kid.
Gemini Octavio (the one with facial hair) Occupation: Soldier. He's ambitious but wants to reunite the kingdom even if it means assassinating his own father and his cousin Saturn. Their father murdered Saturn's 1st wife which only widened the rift in their family.
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