The Olive Tree Picture

"To settle the quarrel without evincing any partiality, Jupiter announced that the city would be entrusted to the protection of the deity who would create the most useful object for the use of man. Raising his trident, Neptune struck the groun, from which a noble horse sprang forth, amid the exclamations of wonder and admiration of all the spectators. His qualities were duly explained by his proud creator, and all thought it quite impossible for Minerva to surpass him. Loudly they laughed, and scornfully too, when she, in her turn, produced an olive tree; but when she had told them the manifold uses to which wood, fruit, foliage, twigs, etc, could be applied, and explained that the olive was the sign of peace and prosperity, and therefore far more desirable than the horse, the emblem of war and wretchedness, they could but acknowledge her gift the most serviceable, and award her the prize.

To commemorate this victory over her rival, Minerva, gave her own name of Athene to the city, whose inhabitant, from that time forth, were taught to honor her as their tutelary goddess."

-Excerpt from "The Myths of Greece and Rome" by H.A. Guerber that inspired me to paint this picture. ^_^ (I also couldn't find out where to put this, sorry
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