The Myth Murders Picture

This is a mock movie poster I made for one of my stories, called the Myth Murders. It is a story about how Rosaline "Rose" Wolfe (the narrator) and her friends try to solve the mystery of why people at their school are getting murdered. It is called The Myth Murders because each of the murders is a reference to some sort of mythology.

This was made for an art class sketchbook; it wasn't supposed to be the best drawing ever. That's why I made the backgrounds really simple.

The characters:
First Column: Cici Geary and Robert Jones, Lyssi Price, Gabi Pip.
Second Column: Vivian Athene, Jonah Vargas, Gwendolyn "Gwen" Gallagher, Pascal Riverson, Zach Rogers.
Third Column: Bridget Johnson, Lake DePaul, Anthony Morgans, Kady Jones, Stanley Smith, Aimee Ryans and Jaslene Linbin.
The other two are Rosaline "Rose" Wolfe and Hank Peters.

This actually took pretty long to sketch, even though it was supposed to be a quick drawing.

I might ink and color this sometime, if I have the time.
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