Athena Picture

Welp, I don't have too much to say about this one. It started out as just a pose drawing, I thought this would be a cool pose to draw and gave me some hand and face work. As I was working on her I got it into my head that it looked a little like a greek sculpture, so she became Athena. I've always loved Greek Mythology, and Athena was my favorite of the gods. She was the goddess of wisdom primarily (although many other things are associated with her from horses to agriculture), and the patron god of Athens which was named after her. The circle behind her is my poor attempt at an olive branch, which was her sacred plant. Anyway, hope you like and let me know what you think I can improve I'll likely be doing another pass on her tomorrow to see what I can sharpen up.

As is ALWAYS the case, the moment the drawing is up here I see at least a half dozen things that I can improve on. So my apologies for this showing up twice... but the correction was a big improvement
10/17/04 Final Edit (I think) I changed some of the highlight and shadow on her left side and on her face.
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