The Playwright's Daughter-Lysimache Picture

Another of my many characters, Lysimache. I'm still debating whether or not to have her be a supporting character in one of my existing stories, or give her one of her own. She is the daughter of a successful playwright in Athens who is a rather progressive father. So long as Lysimache is not endangering her life or harming anyone, she is free to do as she pleases so long as she is discreet. She takes advantage of his leniency by sleeping around with whoever she pleases. While she has an impressive string of lovers, she is hardly under the illusion that she is in love with any of them and also takes measures to prevent pregnancy with herbs and concoctions. Really, she has sex for the simple pleasure of having sex. However, eventually she is found out and is basically slut-shamed and called a whore by everyone she's ever known. Her reputation in shambles and her father's no doubt damaged, she finds some solace in the elder brother of one of her friends (who has at that point abandoned her due to not wanting to associate with a "whore") and a young Persian man who is the lover of both the king and queen of Athens who seems to have a rather strong affection for Lysimache. Lysimache is a character that's meant to represent how society views a woman who sleeps around, regardless of how morally good or kind a person she is. Once her sleeping around is discovered, that's all anyone sees. They no longer see a human being that they once found likable and trustworthy, all they see is a worthless whore and she is treated horribly for it. Yet the people that are able to see the person she actually is accept and defend her. So yeah, I suppose I could write an entire story on her, but it would probably involve a lot of sex. And I mean a LOT of sex. But it's also possible she may end up being a supporting character in another story. She's pretty much a character of social commentary that I'd really like to use somewhere.

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