looking ashy Picture

funny title if you've played god of war.

a while back, sarah suggested experimenting with new mediums to cure art slumps. looks like it kinda worked. i bought some acrylic paints a long, long time ago with the intention of painting some clay goodies but that never happened. i haven't painted anything since middle school when they make you use the smelly, watered-down paint from giant bottles. today out of boredom i sat myself down and decided i'd paint something for the hell of it. after a few smears, kratos was the first thing that came to mind. i'd been meaning to paint, i'd been meaning to draw kratos... the pair was meant to be!

this was a fun little boredom cure. maybe now i'll paint some presents for people who are long overdue in the gift department. coughhollycoughhuskiecough.

ew, gross. my scanner is the worst thing ever. it won't pick up on the neat textures of the paint or the graininess that i really liked. my life sucks now!!1!!1 D:

[edit] why does kratos have no hair except for his goatee? he is bald, has no eyebrows, and more than likely no body hair.
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