PD Redesign: Captain Shazam Picture

Captain Shazam, Champion of the Gods
Real Name: Sofós
Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Invulnerability, Flight, Genius Intellect, Electrical Manipulation, Expert Martial Artist
Equipment: None
First Appearance?: Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer #2 (June, 1967)

"Over 3000 years ago, The Greek Gods saw that the forces of Tartarus were rising, about to pour into the mortal world and cause mass destruction that not even the Heroes of Greece themselves can stop it. It was not until Zeus had the idea of selecting a champion, one that can take the task to protect the entrance to Tartarus, making sure that it's evils remain there. So they selected Sofós, a scholar from Athens, to give the power necessary to stop the forces of evil from escaping. So Sofós stayed in Tartarus, sealing the entrance to keep him and the demons inside, fighting off those that try to escape."

Captain Shazam was a character promised by Lightning Comics, however the company folded up before it ever saw print. Lightning Comics was founded by C. C. Beck & Otto Binder, the creators of Captain Marvel. So based on that and the name "Captain Shazam" I guess it was obvious to make him similar to Captain Marvel. The concept being if Shazam the Wizard still had the strength to fight evil, but with an outfit similar to Captain Marvel.
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