Mei the tenacious Picture

(you can find a drawing of just the character at[link])
Name: Mei Verrea
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Affiliation: Rogue/Missionary Type, Former Pirate
Weapons: Longsword, Chaidon (meaning Boar Blade) and Pistol, Surdis (Meaning Piggy Pistol) (The English and Greek names of both weapons are interchangeable)
Devil Fruit: None, both both weapons are a result of an animal/devil fruit hybrid
Bounty: none
Personality: Tenacious (durr), cold, intelligent, quiet (some have never heard her speak), ruthless when angry, rational when calm, either really REALLY emotional or showing no emotions, absent-minded, hard to anger, controlling, cunning, inquisitive, perceptive, dishonest at times, her attitude can sometimes be seen as offensive whether or not she actually means it
Physical Attributes: Tall but thin, strong but slow, agile with quick movements but is not a runner, was partially blind when she was younger
Weapon Attributes: Sword: powerful, durable, slow, double-edged, can't block but for a brief period of time( has a wristguard on right arm but is more for protection against the jagged sword edge than for the ability to guard), smooth and sharp on one edge and jagged on the other, VERY HEAVY. Gun: light, not much attack power but has different elemental and status attributes, also can't block with the magnum pistol but is able to dodge quickly and easily, generally used for special purposes as she is much better with her sword
BULLETS: the bullets are the 13 herp derp pigs scattered about the picture. They each have names, personalities, and are more or less alive. Due to the life in the pigs their different elemental and status attributes are varied and can be very powerful depending on their moods. They return to their owner after they have successfully performed their duties having been shot from the gun and are the same bullets used every time. There will be a separate "meet the bullets section"
SPARAGMOS: uses the jagged edge of the sword to quickly tear apart the bodies of the enemies into 13 small pieces. Takes a toll on her sword and body. Usually only done when she is angry. Almost always followed by Omophagia
OMOPHAGIA: loads all 13 bullets at once and shoots them. The bullets disintegrate the pieces of the body as if digesting them or consuming them. Takes a great physical toll on the bullets as well and leaves them sick and unable to fight for a period of time. (YAY MYTHOLOGY REFERENCES)
Background: Born on Babylon Island in East Blue where each region spoke a different language. Growing up in such an environment she became very skilled in learning other languages and is able to understand them on a mathematical, formulaic level.
A war was one day instigated when she was 8 as the different speaking regions grew further and further apart from each other. Her father was a big supporter in the war and trained her in the family art the longsword and tattooed her with the blue flourishes, though he never told her what they meant/symbolized. She was reluctant at first but then grew obsessed and mad with fighting and it became all she wanted to do.
Seeing her younger sister and mother distraught at her behavior, she left the war-torn island to find a better use for her talents and to find out more about her ancestry and the meaning/symbolism behind her tattoos (she speculates that it may be a story or like some kind of ancient language).
She was a lower member of the baroque works (Miss Tanabata) when she was 13 but sustained an injury to the back of the head that left her partially blind. After finding temporary correction, she worked and fought to find enough money for surgery. Having acquired the money and surgery her sight was restored, but can still temporarily lose part of her sight if hit on the head hard enough.
Now she continues fighting for others if she sees their purpose worthy, never giving up until she accomplished her goal, and researching the scarce history of her tribe to find any meaning behind the blue marks encrypted on her left side.
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