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The basic info on the Nagas. Seen in the pic is a male Naga in military armour and a Nagini in a pilot uniform.

General characteristics:

Nagas are a genetically created race possessing many abilities found in snakes.

From above the waist, Nagas resemble Titans but with some obvious differences, notably fangs and yellow eyes with slitted pupils. From below the waist they resemble snakes. The most common Naga skin colour is green, though they can also be red, blue, black or white. The upper, titanoid portion of the body is a lighter shade of whatever colour the lower, serpentine portion of the body is.

Female Nagas are called Nagini.


Nagas average around 8-10 metres from the ground up. The total length of their titanoid upper body and serpentine lower body combined is around 24-30 metres.

Nagas have incredible reflexes and can move with the speed and precision of a striking snake. Their fangs contain a deadly haemotoxin and their face contains a pair of pit organs that allow them to pick up infra-red heat signals from warm objects. No warm-blooded being can hide from a Naga.

Nagas have the ability to pick up scent particles on their tongue. They will occassionally stick out their tongue to “taste” the air.

Nagas have a mostly carnivorous diet, though they will occassionally eat fruits and vegetables. They feed by swallowing food whole, without ever chewing. For while a Naga's skull resembles that of a Titan, it also has some features found in the skulls of snakes. Firstly, the skull contains several points at which the adjacent bones can move relative to each other. Secondly, the two halves of the lower jaw are joined at the front by an elastic ligament that allows them to stretch far apart. The windpipe is extruded to one side to allow the Naga to breathe when swallowing. All these shared features of snakes and Nagas allows both types of creature to swallow food much larger than their head. One aspect where Nagas and snakes differ on eating habits is that Nagas are warm-blooded and therefore need to eat more than the cold-blooded snakes.

Nagini give birth to live young. As with most genetically created races (with Humans being one of the notable exceptions) Naga reproduction occurs at an even slower rate than that of their Titan creators.

One of the most unusual features of Nagas is their uncanny ability to paralyse or mentally overcome weak minded individuals by looking directly into their eyes. Called “The Gaze” this seems to be some special psychic ability that involves projecting emotions (such as fear) into someones mind. Eye contact seems necessary for the effect to work properly, probably as it is then enhanced by the naturally frightening feeling the Nagas serpentine visage conveys. The Girtablilu seem to have an even more poweful version of “The Gaze”, though it should be noted that only some Nagas and Girtablilu can use other, more general, psychic abilities. “The Gaze” is the basis behind Hindu myths of Nagas having a “venomous” gaze.


The Nagas were created on Earth by the Earth-Krypton Titan faction, during the Titan Galactic War. They were created as a race of supersoldiers, and served their masters' cause as ground troops, fighter pilots and even assassins.

The combination of Titan features like sentience and manual dexterity with snake features like superfast reflexes, heat-sensing pits and venomous fangs made the Nagas truly formidable opponents on the battlefield. The “Gaze” ability the Nagas were made with helped increase the fear they induced in opponents, even though it only worked by direct eye contact and on the weak minded.

After the Titan Galactic War, created races such as Nagas were persecuted by the “victorious” Earth-Nebheru faction, many of whom viewed the Nagas and other created races as abominations. With the collapse of order in the galaxy, a good number of Nagas, fleeing persecution, managed to establish a colony on an Outer Rim planet that was rather unimaginatively named Nagaloka. From here they developed their own independent civilisation.


Created as soldiers, Nagas have a mindset well adapted for being killers. They do not seem at all put off by violence and have a strong sense of duty. Nagas almost always fullfill whatever task they've been set out to you and are merciless opponents on the battlefield. It is none too surprising that many Hindu myths refer to Nagas as the “persecutors of all creatures”. However, there also exist myths about nice Nagas, and this is where one gets to see that there is more to this race than just their original purpose as a race of ruthless supersoldiers.

It is interesting to note that while Nagas were originally all placed in militaristic roles, they are quite capable of fitting into other roles as well, and were therefore able to develop an actual civilisation. For while Nagas have absolutely no qualms about performing acts of violence, they are not predisposed to violent behaviour like certain other soldier races, particularly the viscous Girtablilu.

As deadly as they are, Nagas are actually be quite kind and peaceful towards those they view as friends. They are also highly caring of their offspring.

Nagas seem quite artistic by nature. Naga casual attire is often quite colourful and Nagas seem to enjoy decorating themselves with things like beads and jewellery.


Originally a soldier race created by the Earth-Krypton Titan faction, Nagas gained independence after the Titan Galactic War. Fleeing persecution from the Earth-Nebheru Titan faction, a fair number of Nagas came to an uninhabited Outer Rim planet. Cut off from the Titan civilisation they used to serve and with no orders to fill out the Nagas did a most intriguing thing. They developed their own society.

The Naga homeworld was named Nagaloka. On it there developed a civilisation of Nagas. The Naga political system is monarchial in nature, with a king and queen acting as supreme rulers. With some help from a spacefaring Titan civilisation, the Nagas were able to develop starfaring on their own and managed to develop a loose interplanetary and interstellar civilisation, with different worlds each ruled by kings and queens.

Naga civilisation has remained stable throughout the millenia, and despite their soldier race origins, the race has not participated in the largescale interplanetary and interstellar wars of the Titans and the Humans. This is mainly due to the smaller population of the Nagas and the fact that Nagas have never developed superweapons like the Titans and the Humans have. There have, however, been some smaller conflicts between the Naga civilisation and certain starfaring Titan and Human civilisations.

There have also been less violent cases of interaction between Naga civilisation and the civilisations of the Titans and the Humans. For instance, in the “Golden Age” of the Humans, both Titans and Nagas were allowed to establish small settlements on Earth. The Nagas established the subterranean Bhogavati space base in what would later become Southeast Asia. After the Second Pyramid War on Earth, some Nagas continued to survive on the planet for a while where they actually managed to briefly gain control of a few regressed Human societies. These Naga rulers were remembered in mythology as serpentine deities and rulers like the Chinese goddess Nu Kua and Athens' founder King Cecrops.

As with Titans and hi-tech Human civilisations, Nagas still thrive on worlds other than Earth.
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