Ecole-Inhabituelle App: Fabeio-Queen Picture

Full Name: Fabeio-onii-sama-senpai-queen
Goes by: Fabeio-Queen, Senpai, Fabeio-sama, Fabeio
Species: demi-god (Mother was a human father was Kronos from Greek Mythology.)
Eye color:
powers of Space and time, cannot time travel! just slow it down or speed it up!
Birth town:
Athens, Greece
Kronos done didley do-ed his mother so he was born a demigod. He basically is a less powerful Kronos. When he was 20 his mother was scared of him at first, for he didn;t know how to control his powers, but as he learned they grew very close. One day they found another boy, slightly older than Fabeio and they took him in. His name was Lon-kawaii. Fabeio began to grow an enormous crush on his adopted brother and the rest is history. (his mother died of disease when he was 20)
very flamboyant around his brother but when alone or doing business he is calm, cool and collected. He misses his mother very much which on occasion will make him depressed but usually he is very peppy and fun to be around.
Mother is deceased, who knows where Kronos is, brother is a janitor/counselor at his school.
His brother, his mother, oranges, space, life in general.
l Negative Nelly's, death, illness, canyons, the ocean. (he has a phobia of the ocean, cant even take baths but he can manage short showers.)
The ocean, darkness, spiders, pain, cake frosting, becoming fat, being unattractive, his brother hating him.

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