Gregory Halliwell (With more info) Picture

Well finally got to drawing him.
Gregory Halliwell

Well the bio has a brief back-story so this will have the full one.

Full Back story: Born on June 22 at midnight in Athens,Greece to Daphne and Alexander Halliwell. Well he was the only child til he was four his mother had his sister Hestia. So also when he was 4 Greg (short for Gregory) went with his mother to the college where she teaches Greek Mythology so he got an idea to get a pin pal. His pin pal is Derek Kaiser so they wrote back and forth to each other. That Christmas he went to Sam's and Des's home to stay with them. Well his father stayed home to watch him and his little sister. Greg's father decided to teach his son about being gentlemen and all that since his father is originally from London. He played soccer when he turned 5 and played for two more years. Also when he 5 he got a Greek Mythology book and read then he got interested in Greek Mythology. Well when he was 8 and his little sister was 4 they were playing on their street some guys that were Greg's age at the time picked on Hestia so he stuck up for his little sister and sent the bullies away. When he turned 12 he touched a sapling and it frooze over. So one day he was at the Parthenon with his family then Jack and he came into a quadruple showdown with Rai,Clay,also Jack Spicer. He helped the other two warriors get the wu and he came to the Xiaolin Temple with the warriors the next morning then when he got there he saw Kaylea Scott (my wood nymph oc) he instantly had a huge crush on her at first sight . After a few months at the temple he still kept writing to his pin pal for a few more years and then suddenly stopped.

Realtives: Sam and Desiree ( cousins on his mom's side),Hestia (little sister), Daphne (mother),Alexander (father)

Gregory Halliwell (c)
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