:LA: Concept - Atalanta Picture

Because Medusa will probably take me 5ever to get right, have this doggu. If I join Lost Athens, she will be my main dog and I might save Medusa as back-up encase I disappear for too long and have the points to purchase another character slot, IDK.

Avy told me to suggested me to make a mini-Shnauzer to go with her and KayKay's Giant Shnauzers. I picked her name after lots of hunting in the Castor and Pollux wiki page where apparently the three mythology people they're named after meet while hunting the Calydonian Boar and then again on Jason's boat on the hunt for the Golden Fleece. Mythology-wise, Atalanta was left by her father to die and was raised by a she-bear then hunters.

Unfortunately, I don't have any story for this Atalanta. . . Perhaps I shall discuss the Shnauzer Brigade with Avy and/or Kaylink, I guess, sometime tomorrow AKA later today. I do know, however, that Atalanta probably imposes herself on the Gemini bros considering she is a small dog in a big world. But we'll see. . . we'll see. . .

I'm trying to get over my RP anxiety, okay? SHhh, don't judge. Just work with me here.

Character, concept, art (c) me. Don't steal or whatever. . . Stealing is for toddlers. Toddlers steal things. You don't want to be a toddler now, do you? I didn't think so. Toddlers don't belong on the net.
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