mythology - Ariadne Picture

Ariadne is the daughter of king Minos, the emperor of Kreta. He had built a giant labyrint, the home for the minotaurus (half men, half bull). Every year in spring, 7 boys and 7 girls from Athens had to be sacrificed to the minotaurus.
And then there was Thesseus, the son from the king of Athens, Aegaeus. He was determined he could beat the minotaurus with his bear hands. Ariadne found him very brave and fell in love with him. So that's why she wanted to help him. She gave him some red wire so that he could find his way back out of the labyrint after he defeated the minotaurus.
When he came back, he and Ariadne and the 6 other boys and 7 other girls left on a ship. But on their way back to Athens, Thesseus left Ariadne on some island and he never came back for her...

I tried to tell the story trough Ariadne's eyes: she fell in love, she helps her lover and then get's abandoned. That's why I left Thesseus in the dark in my pictures, Ariadne is the main person. Love can be cruel!

I made this for a portrait assignment at school.
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