Echo Picture

This is supposed to be an illustration of a scene from the story of Narcissus and Echo, but...if you like, you can use your imagination on this one. It may be more interesting than my story. Here we go:

I was at my cousin's birthday party today. Now, my other cousin, the birthday boy's brother, is really into Greek mythology (and he's 10, okay? He's hooked because I gave him books about Prometheus...). He gave me a little book full of Greek myths, like the story of how Athene was born, and the story of Artemis and Apollo, etc. (It was a quick read; I was able to finish its 150 some-odd pages in about 45 minutes). Anyway, one of the stories in it was of Narcissus and Echo, and as I was reading it, this scene just kind of popped in my head. There's the story.

I think it turned out okay. I hope you think so too. It was done with regular ol' colored pencils, so it's really nothing special. Enjoy.

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