Twenty Ten Picture

It's been a LONG time since I just drew something without much planning, here's to the same confidence in 2011!

As far as my life goes, 2010 is the year of wasted time. I spent the first half of the year sitting around thinking and not doing anything, and I spent the last half of the year so caught up with school work I didn't have time for anything else (Mostly because I wasted a lot of time not doing my school work...) I tried to illustrate that here. XD

I started off the year with Star Trek TOS, semester one of grade 12 went really well and it was all gonna be a bold trek into new territory... but I was so tangled up in that feeling of doing new things I... forgot to do new things. After I finished my Star Wars vs. Star Trek picture in late April, it was like that was it, I did what I set out to do and I can sit around until something that brilliant comes to me again. Fff.

I went to Arizona (cactus!) and felt physically sick and homesick and stressed out and the people around me tested my limits and I couldn't stop thinking of the Grapes of Wrath every time I saw a rotting orange.

The 2010 Winter Olympics started, and it was amazing! I sat in the library every day watching SPORTS. Then, finally the day came when we defeated the Americans on our own soil, at our own sport! ;___; it was magical.

I wasted the rest of the year. Turning 18 and graduation seemed to have zero impact on me (That's why they aren't really here... oops.) Don't drink, don't drive, don't sell cigarettes to minors, don't gamble or rent R rated movies, I'm just old. Still, in my province not doing those things is like a crime. XD;

Summer came before I knew it and we were off to Australia, we watched Spain defeat the Netherlands on a giant screen at four in the morning in Sydney. It was amazing, and though I'm no closer to understanding the sport and Canada didn't even get to participate, it was a good feeling to feel like part of the world away from home.

I started returning to a lot of my childhood, especially when I started University and we drive by the neighbourhood I grew up in almost every day. Toy Story 3 came out and I was in tears before I even took my seat. My ten year old sister got hooked on I Dream of Jeannie, a show both my dad and I grew up on which I hadn't seen in years. I had been watching the Amazing Spider-Man every day after school and eating a ridiculous amount of pasta. I also started watching Super Friends and cheering for Aquaman, even though I never really grew up on DC. XD Except for Batman, anyway.

I also spent a good portion of the year watching Doctor Who, which I guess is what I needed since I'd been wasting so much time. XD; Time time time...

Back to childhood, I haven't really touched my childhood obsessions of mythology and the ancient world until just recently with Athens and Sparta adventures, which I hope to work on a lot more soon. :3

I started playing neopets again. I'm saving up for a Lost Desert paint brush. :3

My dad got a mac and I decided I don't hate macs anymore. XD;; PCs are starting to bug me. A lot. Don't get me wrong, macs bug me too, especially when I accidentally brush the magic mouse and lose all I typed.

I became a lot more interested in my province and especially my city, and while I brag about them and defend them endlessly then turn around and tear them apart, I know that is just my first stage in liking things and I will get past it. XD
I'm inspired by Edmonton and I like spending time there. I want to build a compost and grow a garden and be sustainable and recycle and my parents are going to finally fix our stupid water system I'm so happy.

There's another reason why I'm spending a lot of time in Edmonton but I'm sort of keeping it a secret because it's ...embarrassing, I guess. No it's not a horrible medical condition or another person or anything creepy, don't worry. I'm just not sure how I feel about it.

Anyway, I'm off. Have a happy new year and please don't get drunk out of your minds! >_<; I still have some thinking and writing about the year to do but I have stuff to do first. ><
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